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Our Story

After developing a passion for coffee, Oak & Bond Coffee Co. founders, Brian and Lauren, continued to explore for their perfect cup. They were in search of a rich, vibrant coffee that they could share with their family and friends.

They first found their perfect cup from a small MICRO LOT in the Chapadas de Minas region of Brazil. It was at this point that Brian and Lauren took the leap to open Oak & Bond Coffee Co.

To this day their goal remains, share their passion for sourcing the highest quality, truly exceptional coffee with you!

Our Name

Oak & Bond Coffee Co. was opened with a barrel aged single origin coffee and a happily married couple. As a reminder to where the company began, it was important to find a way to incorporate both of those aspects into the Company's name.  The first coffee offering was aged in a once used american oak barrel. It became obvious that the word OAK was very important to the beginning of the company and a word that was a critical as a part of the Oak & Bond Name.

The BOND of a happily married Brian and Lauren opened the company in 2018. The term BOND has also been used in the bourbon whiskey community since passage of the Bottled-In-Bond act of 1897. As an ode to the BOND of the married founders and the term Bond in the bourbon community, it seemed only fitting that BOND composed a portion of the Oak & Bond name.

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