Home Coffee Maker


Whether you’re on the run and need a quick cup or are looking for auto-brewed cup in the morning, the home coffee maker might just be your go-to brewer. The home coffee maker has been known to get a bad rap for not properly saturating the coffee grounds or not heating the water properly, with these easy steps we’re sure you’ll be able to brew up an awesome morning cup!

Brewing Equipment

  • Home Coffee Maker
  • Burr Grinder
  • Basket filters

Recipe: 2 tbsp or 8g per cup (adjust as desired)
Grind: Medium
Time: When the final drop of water has dripped from the filter basket into the carafe.

Brewing Steps

  1. Add filtered water to coffee maker water tank
  2. Drop in filter into filter basket
  3. Freshly grind coffee and pace in filter.
  4. Place carafe and filter basket into brewer
  5. Switch the power button to the on position to start brewing
  6. Wait until coffee has dripped from the filter basket into the carafe.
  7. Pour into your favorite Oak & Bond mug and enjoy!