The espresso is the ultimate rich, luscious, velvety smooth coffee! Brewed under pressure, the espresso extracts rich flavors and is packed full of caffeine in a small shot. With so many coffee drinks composed with an espresso base, there is almost an endless list of delicious options!

Brewing Equipment

  • Espresso Machine
  • Burr Grinder
  • Portafilter basket
  • tamper
  • Scale
  • Timer

Recipe: 18g coffee : 36g water
Grind: Fine
Time: 0:25 – 0:33

Brewing Steps

  1. Remove portafilter from espresso machine
  2. Place portafilter on scale and tare
  3. Dose 18g of finely ground coffee into portafilter
  4. Even coffee, tamp coffee evenly and firmly in portafilter
  5. Wipe rim of portafilter to ensure a clean rim
  6. Purge grouphead with hot water
  7. Lock the portafilter in grouphead
  8. Push button to activate espresso machine
  9. Place cup on scale and tare under group
  10. Stop the shot at 36g extracted.
  11. Stir and Enjoy your perfect Oak & Bond Espresso!